Weekly Dog Walking 


Weekly Walks

For pups and people with consistent weekly schedules

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Paulina & Metta

Special, just for your pup

All dogs are different, so we’ll spend our time with your pup in a way that works best for them…and for you.

Your Walk, Your Schedule

We’ll work with you to create a dog walking schedule of days and times that fits your needs.

Your Unique Routine

We'll meet with you to learn about your pup's personality and needs. Together, we'll create a personalized plan for how to best spend time with them.

Visit Length Options

We offer a variety of walk lengths, from quick 25-minute-strolls to 60-minute-long-adventure walks.

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Marc & Polly Frances

Reliable human friends

Our professionally trained sitters are always available to be friends and walk with your furry buddy.

Your Dedicated Sitter

Your pup will have the chance to make a friend with their own dedicated sitter.

We're Always Available

If your regular sitter is sick or unavailable, we always have a backup plan to make sure your furry buddy gets out for their walk.

Morning, Evening & Weekend Care

We offer after-hours walks and visits all day, every day of the year.

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Lauren & Roxy

Open communication

We like to stay in touch.

Real Time Updates

We'll send you a text message with a picture of your pup, a map of their walk, and a personal note from their sitter at the end of each visit.

Top Dog Office Team Support

We are always available and happy to chat about your needs and your pup's needs.

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Aja & Daisy

Options for walking

Rates and length of walks for dog walking vary by location.

Next steps

To learn more about walks and rates, click here to connect with your local Top Dog.

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Our Services

Weekly Walks

We'll take your pup out for a fun stroll on a regular schedule. Great for taking in sniffs, sights, and hanging out with a human buddy.

Add-On Dog Walks

Your schedule changes week to week. Add-on walks are available when your pup needs to get out for walks, sniffs, and potty breaks.

Pet Sitting

For the times you are traveling and your furry family members are not, we'll stop by your home to give them exercise, meals, and lots of love.

Belly Rubs

Belly rubs are our favorite!
We love handing them out.
Forever free!