Pet Sitting


In-Home Pet Care Services

We’ll be your furry family’s best friends while you’re away!

Furry family care while you're away

When you’re traveling, Out-U-Go! pet sitters take care of your furry family members in your home.

We offer pet sitting services for all of your furry friends, from pups to kitties, and everything in-between.


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Marc & Polly Frances

Dog Sitting

While you’re away, an Out-U-Go! pet sitter will take care of your pup in your home. We offer two types of care:

In-Home Visits:
Our pet sitters will visit your home multiple times a day to walk, cuddle, serve meals, and give belly rubs to your pup. We offer visits of 3, 4, or 5 times per day, depending on your needs and your dog’s needs.

House Sitting:
For pups who appreciate more time and attention, an Out-U-Go! pet sitter can stay overnight in your home with your pup. We’ll be like a surrogate version of you, so your pup can stay on their regular routine.


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Lindsay & a handful of rescue kitties

Cat Sitting

While you’re away, an experienced Out-U-Go! cat sitter will stop by your home 1–3 times per day to provide your furry friend with all the care and love they need.

During their visit, we’ll serve meals, scoop litterboxes, bring in your mail, and of course, give lots of pets and scratches.


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Summer & James

Critter Care

No matter what kind of critter you have in your home, whether they be furry, feathery, or finny, we’ll stop by your home between 1-3 times per day to serve meals, scoop litter boxes, and give them plenty of love and attention.


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