Our Story

Scrap DogIt all began with our awesome friend Scrap, our relentless, lovable, fiercely loyal, obsessive-compulsive, endlessly hungry, and outrageously demanding cattle dog. Scrap knew how he wanted things and always let us know when his expectations weren’t met. He’d bark when meals were late, and bite his leash to redirect us if we walked in the wrong direction. He ruled all that he could see and laid claim to anything edible within lunging distance. Scrap ran a tight ship and kept us on our toes.David Lipschultz Meeting his demands was a lot of work, but it made us who we are. Because of Scrap, we love the service we’ve created and we know he would too.

We have taken Scrap’s cattle-dog approach to everything – with the exception of eating through purses to find mints. Whatever it is, we strive to make it better. With complete dedication to pet happiness, we’ve created personalized dog and cat care, flexible scheduling to meet the needs of busy pet parents, customized sitter-training schools, proprietary technology solutions, and innovative marketing systems – just some of the things that make Out-U-Go! stand out as the industry leader.

Scrap would be proud. His spirit and essence is at the core of who we are and what we do. We are, as Scrap was, always striving for perfection, tireless, dedicated and fiercely loyal.

We deliver “Awesome Pet Care”, because Scrap wouldn’t have it any other way!

David & Summer

Summer and David Out-U-Go! Pet Care Franchising